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The sleep sweet series
children's Bedtime stories

The Sleep Sweet Series by author Shelley Cass book 1 (bedtime stories for children)

Book 1 Little Pixie's Christmas

Little Pixie loves Christmas Eve. She has an important job to do for Christmas to be just right, and she won't stop until her job is done.​

A wholesome picture story book about the joy, magic and light that Christmas and the holiday season represents.

This bedtime story celebrates family, manners and goodness, as Little Pixie rewards these values. She does her best to bring happiness to the children of her household, and Santa himself acknowledges her kindness and caring spirit.

 This festive tale could make the perfect gift, or the perfect Christmas Eve goodnight story, to get toddlers, children and adults of all ages into the warm buzz of the most magical time of year.

The Sleep Sweet Series by author Shelley Cass book 4 (bedtime stories for children)

Book 4 The Cloud and the Flower

Little cloud learns that friends help to lift us up. Yellow flower helps little cloud to see how wonderful a cloud can be, and that there is always a silver lining.


A wholesome picture story book about the gift of friendship.

This feel good bedtime story follows little cloud’s growing confidence, self-esteem and new positive mindset, because of the acceptance and belonging little cloud finds with yellow flower.

Yellow flower’s friendship is comforting, inspiring, and brings little cloud hope.

This is a soothing tale to bring a child sweet dreams, and to teach of the importance of kindness through uplifting others.

It would also make the perfect gift to express gratitude to a friend who has been a symbolic yellow flower in your own life.

The Sleep Sweet Series by author Shelley Cass book 5 (bedtime stories for children)

Book 5 Hush

Little Hush cannot sleep, because the world seems like a big, frightening place.

Mum helps Hush to see that sometimes things do seem scary. But when looking for sweet dreams, the world is the most wonderful place for inspiration.

A wholesome picture story book about the comfort of a parent who has the power to chase away their child’s fears, and about the power of positive thinking.

While the world has things that may frighten and overwhelm us, Hush learns to find hope in the world’s light too.

In this feel good bedtime story, Hush is helped to calm down and to face his fears with the things that make him happy, so that he can at last go to sleep.

This story is perfect for children who feel like ‘everything is wrong’, who may feel unsettled by the realities of our world, and who may also be calmed by the goodness in it.

The Sleep Sweet Series by author Shelley Cass book 2 (bedtime stories for children)


Book 2 The Case of the Bored Baby Ace

Cute, cuddly, and destructive ... Baby Ace turns into HURRICANE ACEY when he is bored!

A wholesome, positive picture story book about the joys and tribulations of a new puppy in the family.

This feel good bedtime story follows the antics of a particularly cheeky and adorable baby Ace, in a tale that can entertain toddlers, children and new pet owners alike.

With humour and love, this book would make the perfect gift or sweet dreams read.

You can meet Ace over here on his own page!

The Sleep Sweet Series by author Shelley Cass book 3 (bedtime stories for children)

Book 3 Mum and Me

Titch learns that mistakes happen, but there are always positive ways to look at them.

Especially when mum is there to hug away all troubles.

A wholesome picture story book about the comforting bond between a parent and child, and the positive spin that imagination can lend to any situation.

This feel good bedtime story follows Titch’s journey to acceptance of loss.

Even a small loss can feel overwhelming sometimes, but with the help of Mum’s comfort, calming words and positive thinking, Titch is able to feel hope and gratitude for what she has.

 This book is a soothing read for children in need of sweet dreams. It would also make the perfect gift to the mums we are so grateful for.

Sleep Sweet Series free gift from author Shelley Cass

Author Interview:

Q. Why did you write the Sleep Sweet Series?

As a teacher, I liked the idea of simple, fun stories that could engage readers from babies right up to adults.

As an aunty, I liked the idea of easy, short reads to create a positive bedtime tone.

As a friend and daughter, I loved the idea of books with symbolic messages that could suit as gifts to express gratitude or hope and support for others.

And lastly, as a person who ranges from over-the-top stressed about the state of the world, to way too daydreamy to even see all the problems … I needed a way to highlight all of the joy that gets us through.


Q. What can readers expect from the Sleep Sweet Series?

Family time, relaxation, and a positive way to help a child to feel calm or sleepy. Or a meaningful gift with a significant message for adults too.

These books explore themes of friendship, kindness, gratitude, fun and seeing the positives in the world and people around us.


Q. What do you want readers to know about the Sleep Sweet Series?

There is a link to a free gift inside each story, for when you need to relax and want someone else to do the reading.

A note to my perfect readers.

Make sure to check which platform suits you, for the best price and right currency.

I make between 30-80 cents for a book sale. This is a labour of love. So if you ever find yourself craving a read, but unable to afford it, get in touch and I'll get you sorted with a digital copy.
A reader and a read book means more to me than a sale.

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