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Contemporary New Adult Series -Action and Romance

A gritty urban backdrop, gang warfare, a vigilante hero, a corrupt system, and a bisexual awakening. Join the action and enjoy the ride.

Raze Warfare book 1 by Shelley Cass LGBTQ+ Gang Action Series

“Razes, Razes, everywhere ...

snatchers, snatchers all beware ...”

Hato’s gang must go up against an underground system trading in the lives of youths, or risk losing the kid brother of their group forever.
Kiddo prefers to be a wallflower. But being a ten out of ten on a looks scale makes that impossible … Especially when snatchers are out to find and sell the most aesthetically pleasing, most vulnerable youths they can snatch this season.
Yet Kiddo has also caught the attention of the mysterious Raze. A snatcher hunter, Kiddo's new protector, and an irresistible flirt who is very interested in keeping Kiddo alive.


Book 2 The Raze Warfare Series by Shelley Cass LGBTQ+ Gang Action Series

“Razes, Razes fight the dark …

Razes, Razes, are the mark …”

The Raze gang have taken on corruption. They have sheltered the weak. They have turned the snatcher world on its head.

But now they must face the consequences.

Born to protect snatcher capitalism, The Hunt are coming for Raze. The Hunt are coming for his disciples. And The Hunt are coming for his boyfriend.

Book 3 The Raze Warfare Series by Shelley Cass LGBTQ+ Gang Action Series

“Razes, Razes, the Wolf’s prey … Razes, Razes all betrayed…”

The Wolf is patient. He is the master of games. Especially when the prize is so attractive.

To claim the original Raze for himself.

While the Raze gang must stay true to their goal; busy waging war on people traffickers, the Wolf can play to win each of his own desires.

The Wolf will stop at nothing to sink his teeth deeply into Raze, into Raze’s boyfriend Kiddo, and into all of the Razes that the underworld market hungers so desperately for.

Raze Warfare Book 4 Raze vs Raze

“Razes, Razes, snatched away … Razes, Razes, break your chains …”

The Raze gang have lost to the cunning of the Wolf.
Yet, worse than facing the overlord of the snatchers, and the king of The Hunt – they must now face off with one of their own. The original, most deadly of the Razes has been turned against them.
Dom is caught in a nightmare battle with himself, with his own mind, and with the Razes he has forgotten that he loves. Kiddo is in a nightmare battle to make Dom remember, and to reclaim those who were taken from him, before it’s too late for the damage to be undone.

Prefer to own them in one go?

Here are books 1-4 of the Raze Warfare Series in an omnibus edition!

“Raze, Raze, hide the hate … Raze, Raze, make them pay …”

The Wolf huffed and he puffed, and he blew the whole world down.
The Wolf clawed his way up, and took all he wanted.
Yet one of his snatched treasures was not all it seemed.
His most prized possession was becoming a better predator than him.

Interview with the Author:


Q. What could readers compare the ‘Raze Warfare’ series to?

A. It has a similar tone to ‘The Outsiders,’ with a gang like a family of very different people who need each other.


Q. What makes this series different?

A. Girls are kick ass members of the gang. Sexualities are open (there’s a bisexual triad romance – why choose?). There are diverse racial backgrounds. There’s some gender bending. The enemy is more covert, but widespread – a corrupt underground system. And the gang members enforce vigilante justice, while battling their own demons – ranging from trauma to learning difficulties.


Q. What do you love most about this series?

A. I love that Kiddo and Raze are so different – opposites attract. Their deepening, first time gay romance felt so intimate and sweet and real to write.I especially loved including so many diverse kinds of people without feeling the need to centre the story on their race/gender/sexuality/difficulites, because people are people. I loved having them there, as they are, rolling with the punches as people do – rather than the storyline centring on any stereotypes.


Q. What do you want your readers to know?

A. Hearing from you feeds my soul. Feel free to reach out on Facebook or, read my pretties! And enjoy.

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