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Poem by Shelley Cass


Spiral down. Not lost, not found. Push and pull; everyone’s fool. The cold, the grey; looming and cruel. Misplaced, searching. Spinning, lurching. Surrounded, confused, in a faceless crowd. Gone, the glow of ignorance’s golden crown. Innocent dreams brought down to worn knees. Shimmering knights, collapsing, defeated. Reaching and pleading. Inwardly bleeding, too many beatings. But breathe. When strong ships sail, leaving no trace on shifting waves, And great kingdoms fall and, those that built them, fade, There is left opportunity, shimmering and clean; Waiting to rise and flourish like dreams. Clearing fields of false ideals; there is room to truly begin. Each heartbeat a chance, a lifetime, a dance. Each step an opportunity to seek. Growing belief, A lantern before uncertain feet. Cast your own golden light down every dark street. See through the fog and find your own kind of way. Step forward, be brave, and make your own day.

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