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Author Shelley Cass' Contemporary Fantasy Erotica: Darkling

Adult Fiction. An erotic modern fantasy...

The darkness in all of us fuels him. Yet it is his murderess who truly brings him to life.

'When she walked into the club his life changed forever. And for a little while, it even ended.

When she murdered him she expected him to stay that way.

She never expected for him to come back as the best partner she'd ever had - in many ways.'

Jackson Flint was born from the first dark deeds of human kind. He has led the darklings through the ages, living off the shadows that exist in all of us. 

Alley Cat, however, is a new breed all of her own. And it turns out, he's falling for his murderess.

Sexy, mysterious, violent and deliciously dark. 

'Darkling' is a fantasy action-adventure set in the modern world.

Interview with the Author:


Q. What could readers compare ‘Darkling’ to?

A. ‘Indiana Jones’ … but ‘Indie’ is the fearless assassin-ess, Alley Cat, and the relics she is dealing with are very much alive, in stunning condition, and are just as interested in her too. This is a steamy erotic fantasy, but has quite the archeological action, adventure tone.


Q. What can readers look forward to seeing?

A. An incredibly strong female lead, explicit romance (this is for 18+ adults), a dark urban setting, ancient myth and fantasy alive and well in the modern day.


Q. What do you love most about this novel?

A. Alley Cat is SO suave – she knows what she wants, and goes for it. Whether it’s by jumping into the action, into a hot-hot-hot situation, or by taking down corrupt underworlders.

However, I especially loved writing Jackson Flint. He was born from the first dark deeds of humankind, and he doesn’t give a WUT about much. He is snarky, smooth, humourous, dangerous, has an awful lot of bisexual fun, and is a delicious anti-hero.


Q. What do you want your readers to know?

A. Historical, legendary and religious tales twist their way through this one – but take it with many grains of salt. It’s all in the name of good fun – saucy fiction and adventure.

Also … hearing from you feeds my soul. Feel free to reach out on Facebook or

Also also … there’s a link to a free gift inside the novel, as a thank you to perfect readers. A taste tester of the LGBTQ+ ‘Raze Warfare’ gang action series.

Also also also … read, read my pretties! And enjoy.

Raze Warfare free gift from author Shelley Cass
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