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Awaken Dreamer by Author Shelley Cass: dystopian future novel where myths and legends come to life

YA dystopian fantasy ...

Lili was designed to protect and obey. She's really not meant to care that the Leaders are draining the world beyond repair. She's meant to be numb.

But a Rogue rebellion, and a mysterious newcomer may just be making her feel a little rebellious herself.

In this novel, myths and legends resurface to reprise their roles and fulfil their dreams for the world. Because if they don't, the stakes are everything.

'Soldier Lili has been having dreams about freedom. Her doctor says she’s glitching.
Mitch is a real star. He's been making dreams come true since the dawn of time.
However now that it's dreamer Lili's turn, Mitch must deal with what a nightmare her futuristic, dystopian world has become. A world where dreams are dying … even when you wish upon the best star going round.'

A soul cannot settle until its true purpose has been fulfilled. It will wander from one lifetime to the next, unless it is given aid. So if dreams are dying – what will happen to the star who grants them? And what will happen to the unfulfilled dreamers?

Interview with the Author:


Q. What could readers compare ‘Awaken Dreamer’ to?

A. It’s almost like the ‘Percy Jackson’ series – but in the distant future, with angels, mythological, historical and religious figures all trying to still fulfil their original, ultimate goals to pull the world back from disaster.


Q. What can readers look forward to seeing?

A. Incredibly strong female leads, clean romance, a realistically futuristic urban setting, Arthurian legends and Greek myths coming to life in a confusingly dystopian world…


Q. What do you love most about this novel?

A. I love fantasy, mythology and history, and to bring them together – bringing them to life in my characters for a joined purpose was so much fun.

I also like to see people overcoming the challenges of our world, whether political or environmental, and doing whatever they can to make their own big or small dreams come true for a life that’s really worth something.


Q. What do you want your readers to know?

A. Historical, legendary and religious tales twist their way through this one – but take it with many grains of salt. It’s all in the name of good fun – fiction and adventure.

Also … hearing from you feeds my soul. Feel free to reach out on Facebook or

Also also … there’s a link to a free gift inside the novel, as a thank you to perfect readers. A taste tester of the LGBTQ+ ‘Raze Warfare’ gang action series.

Also also also … read, read my pretties! And enjoy.

Raze Warfare free gift from author Shelley Cass
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